I requested the services of the Butcher &  Baker in April 2017 for a semi-formal dinner with potential business partners. This dynamic duo allowed me the opportunity to fully engage with my important guests while eradicating any worry that comes with hosting a top notch “in home” event. This made for the perfect evening as I was able to relax, partake in the lively conversations, and truly enjoy the elegant feast as much as those sitting at my table. These young geniuses provided impeccable service and exquisite delicacies but the "pièce de résistance" was the abundance of creativity, passion and love which turned this truly humble event into a banquet fit for royalty. With sincere gratitude I thank you, Tony & Bri, for the magical ensemble that will forever be remembered by those who partook. I greatly look forward to adding upcoming special events to the marvelous portfolio of the 

-Alex S.


Thank you so much for coming into our home and providing us with an intimate, phenomenal dining experience. It was truly a delight for the senses and we enjoyed having you cook and serve us such a delicious meal. The food was not only beautifully prepared and served, it was extraordinary. The flavors were complex and each course was a culinary treat. We have been fortunate enough to travel extensively and dine at some of the best restaurants in the world. We rank you guys up there with one of the best dining experiences we've ever had. I didn't know what to expect, but any expectations I could have had paled in comparison to the value and overall experience. The quail was so tender and  bursting with flavor. The filet was cooked to perfection and literally was melt-in-your-mouth good. The chocolate-peanut butter mousse with bananas foster was decadent and capped off a wonderful meal with just the perfect amount of sweetness. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how professional and thorough you are and so adorable too! We can't wait to have another fabulous meal with you! 

Kim B.


The Butcher and Baker create a unique experience. Their details to the menu and presentation are one of a five star restaurant. Their professionalism and energy gives you a unforgettable experience while your taste buds are exploding! All at an unbeatable price. We would recommend this to anyone who is looking to indulge in an amazing meal!

-Cassie B


I cannot thank you enough for my perfect gender reveal cake! I knew you would do an incredible job, but usually pretty cakes don't taste well (in my experience), but yours...❤️😭😍 literally everyone raved about it, it had the perfect balance of flavor and moisture. You certainly exceeded my expectations, Briannie! I want to say thank you, immensely!!! 

-Yesenia N.


I was surprised for my 62 Birthday with the best and most beautiful Cake!!

Thank you Briannie 🎂🎉❤️ you are the Best !!!!!

-Norka D.


Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Butcher and Baker Orlando for making our anniversary so special. The food was incredible and the experience was something I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a personal and intimate dinner experience. On top of having many of our favorite foods served the chefs were professional and courteous. In all we were so happy with the hard work these chefs put in to make our anniversary dinner so special. ❤️

-Kristine C.