Our Story


A couple who fell in love

Doing what we love

As the Butcher and Baker private chefs, we've had the honor of going to people's homes and creating beautiful meals for their special occasions. Large parties, or small, the experience is always very unique.

We both have very different culinary backgrounds. One of us has been working in various kitchens since the age of 17, and had a natural understanding of flavors and a passion for the culinary world. While the other went to culinary school to learn intricate techniques about a field they'd been passionate about their whole life.

 I like to think that's what makes us so special. You put two very passionate people together, something amazing is going to happen. We are constantly learning from each other, lessons in the kitchen as well as lessons in life. Together we create an environment where you're able to receive top restaurant quality food, while in the comfort of your own home. 

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